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Don Haugen | art director, designer, illustrator, animator, artist


In 2001, Don Haugen founded Radiotherapy. Alternatively, extensive anal cancers that have destroyed the anal sphincter, such that the patient cannot control bowel movements, are often treated with surgery (an apr). In these cases, patients have already lost their sphincter function, and require a colostomy to handle bowel movements. Because patients in this situation usually have very large tumors, they may require surgical removal of the tumor, which will usually be followed by radiation, with or without chemotherapy, after the operation. Surgery can also be performed in patients who cannot otherwise tolerate radiation therapy, or who do not want radiation therapy. Finally, surgery is often performed if cancer recurs in the anus following previous treatment with radiation therapy if additional chemotherapy and radiation cannot be given. After i am treated for anal cancer, how will i be followed? After treatment for anal cancer, patients are usually followed every 3-6 months for several years with or without ct scans. The most important aspect of follow-up after completion of treatment is a thorough physical examination including a digital rectal exam. Anal cancers can take some time to respond to treatment and often continue to shrink months after chemotherapy and radiation have ended. Therefore, it is not unusual to have a residual mass immediately after treatment. http://nationalityinworldhistory.net/bsh-buying-generic-viagra-ap/ viagra online cheap viagra online viagra in australia for sale cheap generic viagra generic viagra online buy viagra online viagra for sale http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-buy-viagra-without-prescriptions-gq/ viagra cheap The presence of a residual mass does not mean that the treatment did not work. Overall, the chance of long-term cure of anal cancer depends on the extent of the disease at the time it was first diagnosed. Patients with smaller disease without lymph node involvement or distant metastases have a better chance at long-term tumor control than those with larger disease or with lymph node involvement or distant metastases. If anal cancers do recur, they usually do so within the first 2 years after treatment, although recurrences after 2 years can occur. In general, the further out from treatment a patient is without evidence of a recurrence, the better the chances that the cancer will never come back. The treatment of anal cancer should be a cooperative effort among the patient, the radiation oncology, the medical oncologist, a. munky, a graphic design company with a vision for the future. Nearly a decade later our vision is still clear: to ensure our clients' and their brands' success.To give give our clients a competive edge through better design and communtication.

Creativity is the basis of a communications program that produces business results. Ultimately, our clients' investment in creative communications is rewarded with brand success that can be measured in market place results.

Creating effective design communications is an orderly process. First, we develop a focused understanding of our clients' needs and goals. Using this knowledge, we then create targeted, unified communications solutions.

We manage our business efficiently to optimize our clients' return on investment. Our communications solutions are developed to ensure that our clients meet their marketing goals, and enhance their company's bottom line results.


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